A League of Their Own


Q.  When does the season begin and end? 
A: The regular season runs from May through June.  Additional tournaments and playoffs may extend beyond June.  

Q.  What days of the week do we play? 

A:  10U and 14U games are typically on Tuesday and Thursdays. 
12U and 16U games are typically on Monday and Wednesdays. 
These games may be rescheduled for other days of the week by mutual agreement of the respective coaches.

Q.  What times are games? 
A:  Double header games will begin at 6:00PM unless another starting time has been agreed on by both teams.  Double header games shall be seven (7) innings.  No new inning shall begin after 65 minutes of play following the first pitch.  Single games shall be (7) innings, no new inning shall begin after 90 minutes of play. Games must be a minimum of 3 innings, or 2 ½ innings if home team is ahead.  1 or 2 inning games will not count toward seeding. The rescheduled game shall play a complete new game and not where the inning left off during the postponed game. Coaches must decide on the field if the game will be rescheduled.  

Q.  Where will games be played? 
A:  Approximately half of the games will be played at home in River Falls and half will be away in neighboring communities in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.

Q.  How many games will be played? 
A:  Teams will play approximately 16 regular season games.  Additional Tournaments will be determined by coaches once the teams are formed.

Q.  How often will we practice? 
A:  Practice times and frequency will be decided by each individual coach.  Typically teams practice twice per week in the pre-season, and less once games begin.

Q:  When will the game schedules be out?
A:  Schedules are typically out one week prior to the season starting. 

River Falls Youth Softball