Q.  What league does River Falls Youth Softball play in?

A: Tri County.  More information can be found at http://www.tricountyleaguemn.com/

Q:  Who is Tri County Affiliated with?
A:  Tri County has been affiliated with the MMFL (Minnesota Metro Fastpitch League) since 2005. The MMFL runs the largest State Tournament and is the host of the largest Fall Softball League in Minnesota.

Q:  What national organization is Tri County sanctioned through? 
A:  The directors of Tri County voted in 2012 to sanction with NAFA and ASA.  In 2015 USSSA was voted in too.  This has been a positive relationship with the MMFL and has created more opportunities because of it.   There are NAFA National opportunities, team typically from 5 state area.  ASA Northern i.e. regional tournaments and ASA/USA tournaments are the National tournaments.  Now with USSSA there are World Series and Central Regional opportunities.

Q:  What rules does the Tri County League follow?
A:  Tri County follows the NAFA and ASA rule book.  Any specific Tri County rule is outlined under the league game rules tab.


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