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River Falls Youth Softball

River Falls Youth Softball Organization (RFYSO) is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to offer girls in the River Falls community an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fast-pitch softball in a fun and safe environment. RFYSO consists of volunteer board members that oversee the following programs: Little Sluggers for 6 to 9 year olds, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U Tri County Traveling teams.

Snap Raise Fundraiser

River Falls Youth Softball Organization Parents and Supporters,
We’re kicking off our fundraiser with Snap! Raise, the nation’s leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs, and teams. For the past six years, Snap! Raise has helped more than 40,000 groups in the US raise more than $400 Million in funding! We are excited to get started. It’s easy and effective and will only take 20 minutes of your time.
Snap! Raise utilizes email, text and social media to reach out to your child’s and program’s biggest fans. Your role as the parent is to compile a list of 20 emails (examples below). the list needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is our hope and expectation that each family will complete this very simple task to support our program! 
The next steps 
1. You and your player will receive and follow the link and/or QR Code that is sent to create a Snap! Raise account (or Log In if you have participated before) and join our campaign page. When you receive the link/QR Code you will:
a. Make sure to upload a nice profile picture, donors will see your child when they open the email and we want to ensure they know it is from them.
b. If YOU, the parent, are creating the account, use your child’s name, the profile is created by you on their behalf, only 1 account per household needed. If you have more than 1 child put both of their first names in the First Name Field.
c. Enter your emails of potential supporters. The more the better!  
d. Complete your account, that’s it. Snap! Raise takes it from there. You will also have the opportunity to text your link to supporters and share your link on your social media channels once we activate the page on October 11.

*Snap! Raise never sells, shares, or spams the email addresses entered in the campaign.
For more info, here is their Privacy Policy. Snap! Raise takes privacy very seriously and assures you, your emails will be never shared with 3 rd party entities outside of Snap! Raise. This policy is also listed on their website at:
Here are 20 examples of people you and your player should consider adding at a minimum.
1. Parent(s)/Guardian #1                 11. Scout/Troop leader
2. Parent(s)/Guardian #2                 12. Family Friend #1 
3. Grandma                                              13. Family Friend #2 
4. Grandpa                                               14. Former coach 
5. Cousin(s)                                             15. School alumni 
6. Uncle(s)                                                16. Local business that knows YOU 
7. Aunt(s)                                                 17. Neighbor(s)
8. Family doctor                                  18. Parent co-worker(s)
9. Orthodontist/dentist                  19. Friends of parent 
10.Church/Social leader                20. Adult sibling(s) 

Link to the QR Code:

Thank You!
River Falls Youth Softball Organization
If you have any questions regarding the Snap! Raise platform you can reach out to our Snap!

Raise Director, Chuck Wavrunek at:

2021 Youth Softball Fundraiser

River Falls Youth Softball will be running the 50/50 Raffle at Johnnies on Friday evenings and we need your support! It's a great way to raise money for the association and help keep our fees down.  We have recently been able to purchase a pitching machine and build a batting cage at PR's with some of the funds we have raised.

RFYSO League Contact

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Tri County Important Dates

Link to important Dates:

May 5th: 1st Day of 12U Tri-County Games

May 6th: 1st Day of 10U Tri-County Games

May 18th: 1st Day of 14U Tri-County Games

June 2nd: 1st Day of 16U Tri-County Games